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My Top 5 Food Trend Picks for 2020

The foodscape is everchanging, always exciting and should be an important part of everyday life. Listen to what some top-notch trend-forecasters are predicting will be popping up in local restaurants, grocery stores, and your kitchen table in 2020. These are my top 5. All 5 get my Dietitian thumbs up for healthy fats, good sources of vitamins, minerals, and probiotics.

● Plant-based everything (even plants). – Veggies no longer a side dish. They are the main dishes. Veggie-centric meals are the new focus for restaurants including comfort foods like Mac-and-cheese.

● Coconut yogurts are gaining steam as is everything puffed.

● Nuts and seeds – nut and grain-based milk alternatives continue to rage. Plant and seed-based butters, from chickpea and beets to exotic nuts and seeds.

● Ube and purple yams. Check out this YouTube video from FriedasProduce

● Kombucha, Mocktails, and sober socializing are all going mainstream. Millennials are getting older and going sober. Kombucha is typically low calorie, 8oz is typically 30 calories, 4-6grams of carbohydrates. There are many brands in the marketplace so be sure to check the labels for total calories. I prefer Kombucha on tap for the freshest flavor.

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