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Five Snacks for Families On-the-Go

At Sarah’s Sweet and Savory Snacks, we believe first and foremost in creating delicious snacks, but we also love the idea of mindful snacking on-the-go! Here are five ideas for quick bites that you can hand to your mini me’s, knowing they’ll taste delicious and will also nourish their growing bodies.

Five Snacks for Families On-the-Go 1

Wraps don’t have to be boring! Our favorite way to make a snack wrap is by spreading a thin layer of nut butter (almond, peanut, hazelnut, sunflower) onto a whole wheat soft tortilla. Then you can take thin slices of apple or pear, raisins (try golden raisins), dried cranberries, and a sprinkling of Vegan Trail MixPeanut Butter & Jelly, or Chocolate Chia granola. Feel free to experiment with other ingredients, too!

TIP: For a more savory approach, use a combination of hummus, carrot sticks, and either Original Nut & Seed or Coconut Curry granola. You can even add some shredded chicken for a bump of protein.


The simplest way to wow any food fanatic is by dressing up plain store-bought hummus. Our favorite way to add a little zing to hummus is by sprinkling any of our various savory granolas right on top (Jamaican JerkCoconut CurryOriginal Nut & SeedVegan Trail Mix). Then drizzle your favorite tasting oil and, if you’re feeling zesty, a drizzle of balsamic as well. Serve with pita chips, tortilla chips, or bagel chips for a quick, easily packaged, on-the-go snack for the little ones.


This snack can be made quicker than it will be eaten, and that’s a hard act to follow! Simply core and slice an apple into wedges, spread with your favorite nut butter, and top each wedge with about one-half tablespoon of your favorite Sarah’s Sweet and Savory Snacks granola. We definitely recommend Vanilla Ginger or Banana Maple.


Mix one of our ten-ounce bags of Coconut Curry granola with equal parts nut butter and honey until you can roll spoonfuls of the mixture into bite-sized spheres. These are perfect for the little ones to pop into their mouths in the car or as a quick snack when taking a break from a long day.


If your kids are fans of sweet breakfast breads, such as pumpkin bread, banana bread, or cranberry orange bread, try sprinkling some of our delicious granola on top right before baking! Perfect combinations for this amazing on-the-go snack would be Chocolate Chia on banana bread, Banana Maple on pumpkin bread, or Vanilla Ginger on cranberry orange bread.

These quick and crunchy snacks are sure to tame your tired toddlers!

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