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5 Innovative Ways to Use Your Granola

For decades, granola has been the go-to crunchy snack. Today, the savory and sweet tastes of healthy granola can be added to your favorite foods! Use your granola in these fun and innovative ways:

Salad Topping5 Innovative Ways to Use Your Granola 1

Choose a fresh and fit option by topping your salad with our Sweet Balsamic & Olive granola. Pairing perfectly with balsamic-based dressings, this savory blend of figs, walnuts, and olives adds a crunch to your healthy meal.


Satisfy your daily serving of fruit by creating a yummy smoothie. A great post-workout or breakfast option, fruit smoothies pack nutrients and protein into one simple drink. Top off your smoothie with our original Plain Jane granola for some texture!


You might be skeptical about how you can add granola to a hearty bowl of soup, but Sarah’s Thai Peanut granola is the perfect topping for this creamy vegan pumpkin soup. Change up your classic winter soup line-up by implementing a healthy new option!

Overnight Oats

This breakfast or snack option is perfect for someone who is always on-the-go. This simple two-step recipe can be adapted to use any blend of granola from Nuts About Granola.

Overnight oats are not only a quick go-to breakfast option, they can also be adapted for gifts and crafting! Our easy DIY overnight oats jars are the perfect gift or weekend craft. Our mini two-ounce bags of granola are the perfect size for individual servings.

Ice Cream

Refreshingly smooth ice cream is the best end to any meal. Our Forager’s Chocolate Chia granola adds the perfect crunch to the classic creamy treat! Try out this paleo peppermint ice cream recipe and enjoy the flavors of winter in your ice cream.

Change up the way your use your granola from Nuts About Granola! Shop all Nuts About Granola blends and brand online at

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